Welcome to the Music Publishing Podcast!

Hi there, and thanks for your interest in the Music Publishing Podcast!

I started this show in May 2016 as a way to help composers and performers of concert music in their career struggles. Many of us aren’t taught about how to reach out to potential performers or commissioners or presenters, or how to set up our websites, or how to effectively apply for grants. We’re often left to figure out these and so many other important things for ourselves by trial and error, and don’t fully realize that our friends and colleagues are having the exact same struggles.

So this show is an exercise in “peer learning”. Every week I sit down with another music professional to talk through some of the issues that we all face together, what has and hasn’t worked for us, our thoughts and opinions on different situations, and bits of wisdom that have been passed down to us by our friends, colleagues, and teachers – or that we’ve had to learn for ourselves the hard way. The show is relaxed, informal, and (I think) a lot of fun. It’s good-natured shop talk between musicians trying to figure out this whole “having a career” thing.

I also put out a twice-weekly podcast called The Composer’s Guide to Doing Business. It’s a short-form show of my personal thoughts, advice, and opinions on a wide range of musical and entrepreneurial topics.

I’ve put together a short list of episodes below that I think are a good starting point for anyone just joining the party.

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Thanks again for your interest, and I hope you enjoy the shows!


Nuts and bolts conversations on the business and practical aspects of being a concert musician in the 21st century

Dennis answers questions, offers quick tips, and talks shop to help composers and performers who want to make a living off of their hard work.