After having never met Rob Deemer before in person, I had TWO conversations with him in less than a week for the podcast! Conversation No. 1 was marred by some unexpected audio issues, so we re-recorded less than a week later, and that’s what you’re getting this week.

During Convo No. 2, we talked about:

  • How side projects can boost your career
  • Being able to talk about your music
  • Labels as specifiers & Labels as marketing
  • Drawing parallels between concert music and other fields
  • The ways we talk about “new music”
  • Music as an Experience
  • Program notes
  • Social media as a serious form of professional communication
  • Interacting with musicians when you (or they) live outside of a major metropolitan area
  • Teaching inexperienced artists how to interact on social media
  • Forming deeper relationships online
  • Building community in different ways
  • Relating public professional interactions to professional didactic experiences
  • Operating as a professional online
  • Being human and approachable online
  • Teaching teachers to compose
  • Teaching entrepreneurship and business skills
  • The history of self publishing & the history of teaching music in universities
  • Career trajectories
  • Short term gains vs. long term sacrifices in publishing
  • Making educated and thoughtful business decisions
  • Balancing your time between admin tasks and writing


Since we covered such vastly different material in each conversation (of course with not-insignificant overlap), we’ve decided to offer our first conversation as “bonus content” for this week’s episode, if you don’t mind listening to “the sexiest voice in classical music” through a slight haze of static. Download it HERE.

Rob Deemer on Twitter
Rob’s articles at NewMusicBox

Take One (with wonky audio)
Take Two