Dale is a composer whose career I’ve enjoyed following over the years. I’m always intrigued by the projects that she takes on, and I love the interesting and super-savvy ways that she tackles each one.

In the course of our conversation, we talked about:

  • How performance is the best rehearsal for recording
  • The benefits of long-term musical relationships
  • Taking advantage of your own enthusiasm
  • Touring an album
  • Kickstarting a project
  • Using preorders to fund an album
  • The potential dangers of Kickstarter rewards
  • Imposing artificial deadlines on projects
  • Hybrid publishing
  • Using traditional publishing to boost sales of your self-published works
  • The concept of the “loss leader”
  • Curating a series of scores
  • The gatekeepers of publishing: the good and the bad
  • Taking a methodical approach to your career, and not rushing after everything at once
  • Saying “no” to opportunities that are a poor fit
  • Being prepared for success
  • Accidentally oversaturating the scene
  • Newsletters
  • Being smart and engaging in your newsletter content
  • Using newsletters to increase engagement with your audience
  • Adding people to your list without their permission
  • Putting together commissioning consortia yourself
  • Writing “companion pieces”

Dale Trumbore
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