For this week's episode, I sat down with San Jose-based composer and engraver Noah Luna to talk about the importance of having professional-quality scores and parts. He offered some great advice on some little things that composers can do to improve the look and - most importantly - the readability of their materials.

In the course of the hour, we chatted about:

  • getting a professional eye on your scores/parts
  • leaving time for proofreading
  • the various communities that engravers/copyists serve
  • how high quality scores facilitate rehearsals
  • how poor engraving can be costly to ensembles
  • the rise of digital devices in performance
  • trusting your software too much
  • listening to music librarians
  • MOLA standards for margins, staff size, page size, and page turns
  • getting feedback from performers
  • being consistent in your score layout
  • leaving your compositional process on the page, and how that can negatively impact readability
  • how sometimes you just have to use Staples or FedEx
  • font usage
  • page layout
  • the idea of taking engraving/copying lessons
  • getting help and building your team

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