Photo by Tina Gutierrez
Third time’s a charm! After a sudden scheduling conflict and a Google Hangouts technological nightmare, Jenn Jolley and I finally sat down to talk about her music, her blog, and the opera company that she helped to found.

In this episode, we touched on:

  • Rejection
  • How processing our emotions is time invested in our art
  • Using rejection to springboard into new projects
  • Competitions and how they’re run
  • NANOWorks
  • Building an organization that serves the wider community
  • The difficulty of securing second and third performances
  • The realities of running an ensemble or arts organization
  • Taking stock of your situation and re-evaluating your goals
  • When practical considerations inform your writing
  • The need for more operatic roles for women
  • Composer collectives
  • Resource sharing

NANOWorks Opera
AJD•ective New Music

[Techinical Difficulties music by Darien Shulman]