Megan Ihnen is a Des Moines, IA-based mezzo-soprano and “tireless promoter of contemporary classical music for the voice.” For this week’s episode, we sat down to talk about building community, being generous, and writing for the voice.

Throughout the conversation we covered:

  • Getting inspiration from other fields
  • Building a career outside of NYC
  • Building local music communities
  • Megan’s mission statement of building relationships in concentric circles
  • Entrepreneurship & generosity
  • Being a part of the larger community
  • Starting new music ensembles with close colleagues
  • Fostering the works of living composers as a lynchpin to your career
  • How singers work with text (and subtext)
  • Close collaboration between composers and performers
  • Getting to know your collaborator’s particular strengths
  • Some pointers on writing for the voice
  • Sending music to vocalists
  • How Megan finds music to perform
  • Finding and fostering your tribe

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