Thomas Deneuville is another musician whose friendship I owe to Twitter, which is only fitting considering his affinity to and facility with social media. Thomas is the founder of the online new music magazine I Care If You Listen, which he created in December 2010, and has since grown to include, a fully-fledged media platform dedicated to user-generated new music videos. A testament to his ingenuity and love of the world of new music, Thomas and I Care If You Listen won the 45th Annual ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor Media Award in 2013.

Outside of ICIYL, Thomas teaches, consults, and speaks about web design, email marketing, social media, and analyzing online metrics, as they pertain to musicians and other artists. He is also the digital content manager for Cornell University.

During the course of this week’s episode, we talked about:

  • I Care If You Listen
  • The quarterly ICIYL Mix Tape
  • Curating a collection of other people’s recordings
  • Creating an online community
  • Having an effective social media presence without wasting your time
  • Setting clearly defined goals for social media
  • Knowing your audience on social media, and learning more about them
  • Balancing your social media content (the 4:1:1 ratio)
  • Curating your social media content
  • Social media reach vs. number of followers
  • Facebook pages vs. personal profile
  • Cross-posting to multiple platforms
  • Choosing the right social network for yourself
  • Mirroring Facebook content
  • The importance of having an email list
  • The conversational nature of email cs. The public nature of social media
  • Email conversion rates
  • Digital sharecropping
  • Autoresponders
  • Enticing people onto your list (permission marketing)
  • Apologizing for sending emails to your list
  • Email best practices
  • Open rates vs. click rates
  • Click budgets and prioritized calls to action

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