In November 2015, Dale Trumbore recommended that Kurt Knecht and I talk about me joining MusicSpoke, an online retailer of self-published scores run by Kurt and his wife Jennifer Rosenblatt. I’ve been a MusicSpoke composer ever since, and have a number of my scores available for sale there.

Because Kurt & Jennifer run MusicSpoke with such dedication, zeal, and transparency, I wanted to highlight their business, which does so much for the composers involved, and for the community in general, and to talk about digital distribution in general.

In the course of our conversation, we covered:

  • The wall that traditional publishers represent between composers and score purchasers
  • The monetary difference between traditional publishing and distribution deals
  • Reading sessions at conferences
  • Curating lists of works
  • Making use of connections in your own state
  • Using physical scores to make digital sales
  • The rarely-considered middlemen in scores sales
  • Piracy, digital rights management, and copy licensing agreements
  • How people who have no intention of paying aren’t going to pay – either through piracy or not buying at all
  • How music schools inadvertently foster a culture of piracy
  • The future of score sales and digital distribution
  • The hyper-scrupulous honesty of many score purchasers
  • Fostering community among composers

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