For this week’s episode, I sat down with Scott Winship, the Director of Grantmaking at New Music USA to talk about the organization’s Project Grants, and answer a few listener questions. It was a great conversation with a lot of really great tips for making your application the best it can be.

Some of the things we talked about were:

  • The American Music Center & Meet the Composer merger, which created New Music USA
  • How the NMUSA are a reaction to the ways that artists make their art today
  • The grant application process
  • The panel process
  • The general breakdown of the awards
  • Effective work samples
  • Making use of collaborator profiles
  • Narratives & project descriptions
  • Giving yourself time to put together a compelling application
  • Getting feedback
  • Question: When is the music “not enough”?
  • Your budget
  • The private description
  • Question: Why does it seem like the “usual suspects” seem to get awarded every round?
  • Question: Is there a weight to individual, ensemble, or organization applications?
  • The new grant deadline for 2016/2017

New Music USA
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