After several weeks of emailing to set up this episode, Stacy Garrop and I met in person at The Midwest Clinic, and had a wonderful time getting to know one another between Clinic events. A few days after I returned to NYC, we sat down for this conversation. Stacy’s a great composer, and I had the pleasure of hearing her fantastic brass quintet Legends of Olympus performed by the Gaudete Brass while I was in Chicago.

During the course of our conversation, we talk about:

  • The Midwest Clinic
  • Planning for conferences
  • Writing music for different levels of ability
  • Email newsletters
  • Having advocates for your music
  • Consistency in sending your email newsletters
  • Being shy
  • Stepping into a more outgoing persona
  • Reaching out to new ensembles
  • Formality and proper forms of address
  • Tailoring your bio to the occasion
  • Sending emails at the appropriate time
  • Going freelance full-time
  • The potential pitfalls of being a freelancer
  • Planning your freelance finances
  • Assessing your tolerance for risk

Stacy Garrop
Composer Inklings
Rusch: The Freelancer’s Survival Guide