Angela Myles Beeching, author of the well-known book Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music, has created and run entrepreneurship programs in a number of major music schools throughout the country, and now is a full-time career consultant for working musicians.

This week, she joins me to talk about her work with musicians, and some tips for composers and performers.

Also, Angela has made a very generous offer to the MPP community: between now and December 14, 2016, she is offering a free 30-minute career consultation! Just email her at, and mention that you heard her here.

During the course of our conversation, we touched on:

  • The perceptions of entrepreneurship
  • Using entrepreneurial skills appropriately
  • Teaching the entrepreneurial “mentality” vs. concrete skills
  • Listening to your critical voice
  • Time management
  • Setting up creative blocks
  • Forming habits
  • Setting a pre-creative ritual
  • Minimizing distractions during creative time
  • Being in a space conducive to writing
  • Setting regular creative habits
  • Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art
  • Describing your music
  • Angela’s generous offer to MPP listeners
  • Going to conferences
  • The Chamber Music America national conference

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