My friend and fellow podcaster – and MPP Superfriend – Garrett Hope is back this week to talk with me about an idea that’s not super-well-known within the music community, but has been helping artists, professionals, and small business owners for nearly a century: Mastermind Groups.

Garrett and I are members of a small mastermind group of music podcasters and bloggers, and it’s in large part thanks to this group of wonderful musicians that I’ve continued to improve this show over the past few months.

What is a mastermind? Let Garrett explain it to you in this week’s episode, where we discuss the benefits of creating a group of peer mentors, how to gracefully accept criticism, being accountable, and building a base of support.

And head on over to Garrett’s show The Portfolio Composer, where I’m this week’s guest: Episode 99 – just before Garrett’s landmark 100th episode!

Our mastermind guidelines
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The Portfolio Composer
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